PINK CREAM 69: One date in Spain to present "Ceremonial"

Six years later PINK CREAM 69 will be back for their only and exclusive show in Spain! After "In10sity" the German hard rockers come back with "Ceremonial" (Frontiers Records).  Rich, clean AOR sound with a perfect heavier, harder touch. 

Formed in 1987 by Andi Deris, Alfred Koffler, Kosta Zafiriou and Dennis Ward, they had an early success with their first album "Pink Cream 69", mainly in Germany and always-exigent Japan. After Andi left to Helloween, David Readman took his place on the vocals until now, debuted with "Change" and soon took charge with the band and the direction marked by its evolution. 

In 2007 there were several changes in the line-up, being one of them current guitarist Uwe Reitenauer joining the band; their long-awaited come back album was edited: "In10sity". Early this year, with Chris Schmidt on the drums, they presented "Ceremonial", probably their most diverse and origianl album to the date. 

"The songs have required their time, we wanted them to be 100% perfect. This has given us the chance to experiment in order to get the best possible result", says bassist and producer Dennis Ward.

Explosive and energetic "Land Of Confusion", contemporary rocky "Wasted Years", biographic "I Came To Rock" and the greatly 90s-heavy-influenced "Find Your Soul" are all good tokens of this new sound, little shiny diamonds that stand out on a biography full of success and great hits.
"I've been involved in several projects these last years, but recording 'Ceremonial' has been like coming back home", comments David Readman.

A perfect album for all hard rock and AOR true lovers, complete and with a fresh, exciting, new sound!!

PINK CREAM 69 + Guests

Don't miss them:
Saturday September 7th, 20:00 hrs.
Sala Caracol (Madrid)
Get your tickets: Sun Records, Fnac, Carrefour, sale points, phone number 902 150 025 and

Don't forget to listen to:
Apart from the ones above, "Do You Like It Like That", "Talk To The Moon" or "Shame"