VATTNET VISKAR: Release new track, "Mythos"

Something wicked this way comes, wending its way through damp back alleyways and down leafy New England back roads, whispering through still water and dark fog. The clarion call for the next great wave of American black metal has sounded, and VATTNET VISKAR is leading the charge.

The band's debut full length, "Sky Swallower", will be released September 3rd in North America, and September 9th in Europe on Century Media, and you can pre-order it now. Click below to go right to the appropriate page:
Vattnet Viskar chose the track "Fog of Apathy" to present the album (check it out here). Now they strike back with their new song, "Mythos":

The band has parted ways with previous members Alan and Matt, in good terms. Joey Perron and Seamus Menihane will replace them on bass and drums respectively.