In these 25 years as a band, THE BOUNCING SOULS  have conquered the remotest places in the planet, and expressed their opinions and feelings through pure punk rock anthems among their over 80 songs composed to the date. Their new album, 'Comet', the ninth studio album for them, proves the fact that, even a quarter of a century later, musicians can still find new artistic and musical lands. After a couple of night talks with beer during their last tours, and talking about Mayan prophecies about the end of the world in 2012, the band composed a song titled 'Comet': a song that talked about living life to the full, without caring when our time would come. This song evolved until it became the title of the new album.

'This song is about the idea that a comet might crash into the Earth at any moment, any time, whether it is 2012 or 2050', says Greg (vocals). 'Well, a comet might impact on us. Life could end right now. How do we want to live our lives?'

The Bouncing Souls may have not expressed this feeling before, but the band has always stuck to this philosophy of enjoying life and having fun. After their first LP 'The Good, The Bad & The Argyle' in 1994 via Chunksaah Records (their own label), the band got the whole local scene's attention, and after a tour with Youth Brigade, they got Epitaph Records's -punk label giant- eyes on them. 

And here we are, 18 years after the release of their first album and the band don't stop surprising us. The Bouncing Souls will present their brand new album 'Comet' in Spain in September. You an listen to some bits of 'Comet' in

Together with The Bouncing Souls, you'll see DAVE HOUSE, solo musician and songwriter, asídes of the singer and guitarist of the band The Loved Ones. He will present his latest works, released this year through Chunksaah Recods, Side One Records, Bridge Nine Records, and Paper + Plastick Records. A juicy bite to warm up before the headliners.