50 albums for free, legal download (part 2)!!

Due to the welcoming the previous 50 albums-megapost had, we're offering a second entry with 50 albums available for download, all legal and for free, including Spanish and international bands as well as some compilations.

Where you read 'Buy Now. Name Your Price', just enter 0 and you'll be able to download it.

As in the first megapost, we remind you: we know it's a tough time for everyone, but if you like the albums and the bands, try to help them by giving some money in Bandcamp or Jamendo, or buying the actual CD from the bands' websites.

Nothing else to add. Feel free to dig into our next suggestions, we hope you like the post!

ESLAVÓN. Thrash metal from Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) by a band that participated in the Spanish final for W.O.A. Metal Battle 2012. 'Estado Psicótico' includes nine tracks and can be downloaded from the band's Bandcamp:

SEEKINSIDE. The band is formed in Cádiz in early 2010, and they're presentind their first EP 'SeekInside', recorded in May 2011 at Estudios Alma in Chiclana (Cádiz). You can download this EP from Bandcamp:

HYBRIS. The band from Canary Islands have again a place in our post. Hybris have just released 'Instinto', their new and superb work that you can download from the band's website.

MAINBRAIN. From Málaga comes 'The Plague', new album by Mainbrain. Brutal death metal for free download from Bandcamp:

CUBA METAL. Sampler 3. Antisistema. Interesting compilation that brings us closer and discover for us the Cuban scene. Download this and the rest of the compilations from Cuba Metal  in the next link:

EMBERS. This band from Oakland plays Black/Doom/Ambient metal. Their work 'Shadows' includes 10 songs and you can download it from Bandcamp:

CRANEÓN. Band from Madrid who was part of the line-up for Madrid Stoner Festival 2012, for which Akiesú was an official media. Here you have their new stuff: 'Avanza EP':

TOTAL DEATHCORE. Unreleased Volume 3. Start making some room in your hard disk, here you have 427 Mb of brutality!! 50 bands!! Get this blast of a session in the next link:

SILENT HAVOC. 'Tides', the new album of the band from Madrid Silent Havoc, includes seven tracks. You can get them through a link to Mediafire you will find here:

TRIPPY WICKED & THE COSMIC CHILDREN OF THE KNIGHT.  Stoner/Doom from the British Islands.  Nine tracks are included in this 'Going Home'. Download it in:

BLACKBIRD. These Valencians suggest some hardcore and metal in their EP 2012, which contains 6 songs. To download go to:

KLAYMORE. This is a band from Pittsburgh who plays classic Heavy metal and Hard rock. 'It's Alive' contains 12 tracks and you can download it from Bandcamp:

CANGREJOS. Inside 'Prohibido bañarse', the new album of this band from Granada, you'll find nice songs. You can enjoy it by downloading it from the band's website:

CYCLOPIAN. This Experimental Doom Metal with touches of Stoner comes from UK, and they sound quite well. Download their album here:

LIGHT AMONG SHADOWS. Band from Algeciras with female vocalist. This album is a personal recommendation. Download 'At The Gates Of Down' from Jamendo:

SIX MILES WIDE. The band from Navarra comes with a dose of Hard rock and Sleazy. The single 'Before The Edge Cuts' includes two tracks and can be downloaded from Bandcamp:

DARK OMEN. Metal band from Granada who presents this 'Punishment Of God EP'. This work has six songs, and can be downloaded here:

TETRAFUSION. From Shreveport, L.A., Tetrafusion come with their EP 'Horizons'. Progressive metal with a fusion of sounds is their thing. Download from Bandcamp:

THUNDER WARRIORS OF THE WORLD. Compilation of True metal by Steel And Fire Records. High quality bands inside this album. Get it here:

MIROIST. Interesting instrumental Progressive metal from UK. 'The Pledge' contains three songs, which create suggestive passages. Hope you'll like it!

 Band from Madrid dedicated to Hard rock & Sleazy. They will surprise you with their 'Powerful As Its Name'.  Download the album from the band's MySpace:

MORBIA. Melodic heavy metal from Jaén. Nine tracks form 'Nueva Vida', with the superb voice of José Ángel Díaz. Download from the band's MySpace:

VRADEMARGK. Death metal from Terrasa (Barcelona), well played and with influence of the Swedish scene. This 'Transition To Nowhere' can be downloaded from Jamendo, and I highly recommend it!!

OPHYRA. We go on with Death metal, from Italy this time. 'Post Mortem' contains four tracks and  here you have the link for the download:

THE OLD FAITHFUL. Hard rock, with Stoner nuances, from Valencia. This 'Stones On The Road' contains eight tracks and it's ready for download at the band's bandcamp:

OVERLORD. Four songs are included in this EP by the Stoner & Metal band from Oxford. Download from:

MUNICIPAL WASTE & TOXIC HOLOCAUST. 'Toxic Waste' contains two songs from each band, and you can get it here:

HIJOS DEL METAL. Promo CD of the issue #8 of the fanzine Hijos del Metal, featuring bands like Asha, Biosfear, Black Rock... You can get it and the previous ones from the blog of the fanzine:

DIVIDE THE DAY. From Colton, California, we present you 'Comin' In Hot', a three track-EP by Divide The Day, just released last July. Hard rock with a taste of Nickelback is the suggestion from these Americans. Get it from Bandcamp:

THE SODA SHOP COMP. VOLUME 3. Third compilation of this label focused on Stoner, Doom, Sludge and derivated. Featuring 12 tracks. Highly recommended!!

RATTLESNAKE. 'Believe Me' is the name of the single these Australians from Sidney are presenting here.  80's Hard rock for your ears.

THE BLINDED.  From Benidorm comes 'Speak Before You Think', the third album of the band. If you're into Grunge and Metal, keep an eye on the band! Download from the band's MySpace profile:

MENDEL. And it's not the guy of the peas... 10 instrumental songs by this Dutch one-man band, who does an amazing work on guitars. For lovers of virtuosity and progressive. Download 'Subliminal Colors' from Bandcamp:

ANGEL HEART. Good quality AOR from Montevideo (Uruguay). You can find the 6 tracks in the Facebook page of the band:

KAIOWA. Edited by the disbanded group from Andújar (Jaén). With this demo called 'Subliminal Doctrine' the band got to support Santelmo, Angelus Apatrida or Mnemic, among others. They had everything to get high and their shows were amazing. Download 'Subliminal Doctrine' from Jamendo:


VANISHER. Band from North Carolina. They play modern Metal with some melodic touches. 'Unbound' contains eight tracks and was released on the 31st July.

DAVE IMBERNÖN. Our official reviewer and good friend Dave Imbernön presents his new solo album. Activist of free music, Dave has gathered 19 tracks for this 'Drink Me'. Songs that go from Metal, to Ambient or Progressive. Recommended!! Download 'Drink Me' and his previous albums here:

NEUROTECH. If you like Industrial, Cyber, Electro and Metal you will love 'The Antagonist'. The band comes from Slovenia with 10 tracks for you to download from Bandcamp:

KHMER. The band is formed by members from other bands in the scene of Madrid, and this is their demo, released last May. Heavy, very heavy stuff from Madrid.

CENTURY FAMILY SUMMER SAMPLER. Prestigious label Century Media has released this promotional summer sampler with some of its bands. You'll find stuff  from bands that have lately released their albums or brand new songs from those who are about to do it. (You can also find a selection of these tracks in our Century Media special program, available in ivoox!). Paradise Lost, Suicide Silence, Jeff Loomis, Aborted, Rise To Remain, Lacuna Coil and many others are waiting for you! Download it now from:

KIDS OF RAGE. The band from Barcelona comes with Hardcore, Metal and Punk. You'll find five songs inside 'The First Step', available from Bandcamp:

BUKO. Here you have the just-released album by this band from Madrid. 'Te Odio' includes four tracks, and you can download the whole stuff from the band's website:

NIÑO ENVUELTO. Somewhere in between Alternative and Progressive, with a touch of Experimental and Grunge, this band from Chile does something very good. 'El Poder' contains 13 tracks and you can find it in Bandcamp:

THE RIPPLE EFFECT presents: vol.1 - HEAD MUSIC. Compilation made by the colective Ripple Madness from San Francisco, focused on Stoner, Doom, Sludge and derivated. Very interesting -recommended!!

DESAKATO. Punk rock from Asturias. The band puts his latest album, 'Inercia', edited this year, as well as the previous ones for legal, free download. You can find them in their website:

WARSEID. Folk and Black metal from Wisconsin. 'Where Fates Lies Unbound' was edited last July and contains four tracks.

KRYN. Self-titled EP with four modern Metal songs. They're from Croatia and, at first listening they've pleased me... What about you? Download and tell me:

MERIDIAN. We present you this band from Australia, who mixes Groove, Metalcore and Melodic Death. The EP contains five songs and you can download it here:

TAN REAL COMO EL PUTO INFIERNO Vol. 08. The tireless colective Eva Inc. from La Rioja presents the eighth part of their compilation 'Tan Real Como El Puto Infierno', dedicated to unconditional support to Underground scene. Download it from their blog:

REDENTORAS HUMILLADAS. Last but not least, and dedicated to our colleague Jesús Calañés, this Valencian Afterpunk Yeyé band. Download from Bandcamp:

I hope you like the selection. From RIGHT NOW, I'm starting the third megapost!

Ernesto Hernández