Since the band started, HELLSINGLAND UNDERGROUND's goal has been creating music with depth and longevity. The rumours about the group started in summer 2006 after their first soncert in the forests of Hãlsingland, Sweden. A myth that has been growing with every new album. The first critics celebrated the band's songs, their revealing, their harmonies and the pure and simple pleasure of playing their music, showing you can be serious without being conceited. 

Their debut in 2008 meant a love affair with all those common influences from American southern rock, which were confirmed on the following "Madness & Grace" in 2010, consolidating as well their own identity. A path that has led to "Evil Will Prevail", which shows the band's zenit with more personal and darker lyrics, and more genuine arrangements without setting aside the southern trace.

Like late Hellacopters that would have replaced MC5's legacy for Skynyrd's and Allman Bros.', or more traditional but as melodically inspired The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Hellsingland Underground continue the tradition of great rock n'roll bands that Scandinavian countries have given us in the last decade.

In September 2013 they'll come to Spain for the first time to keep building their legend; who knows if sometime soon we'll be talking about them as a reference band from the endless Swedish source.

(Check their Spanish dates on our concert agenda "La que se avecina")