BARBARIAN PROPHECIES: Present new vocalist and new track

Death metallers BARBARIAN PROPHECIES present their new vocalist, Xavier Lovelle.

After parting ways with Kike Rodriguez, who did a great work on the last two releases by Barbarian Prophecies – “Remember the Fallen” and “XIII” - the band immersed themselves in the search for a new singer. Now, when "XIII" is about to see the light and there are just few days left until their show at Resurrection Fest, the barbarians present Xavier Lovelle!

Comment the band: "We present you Xavier Lovelle, our new vocalist! Last December our mate Kike told us that, due to personal reasons, he had to leave Barbarian Prophecies... We don't have but words of grattitude to Kike, because asides of doing a fantastic work on "Remember the Fallen" and "XIII", he didn't want to elude his commitments with the band and did the scheduled shows with the same energy as always!! Again, thank you very much to our mate and friend with whom we'll continue our personal relationship, that goes far beyond strictly musical stuff! We want as well to welcome Xavier Lovelle, who'll present himself as the new Barbarian Prophecies's singer at Resurrection Fest!!! What  could be a better place to start a new stage with us!"

On the other hand, although "XIII" is due early this autumn, the band has uploaded a new track/tribute to one of the worshipped bands in the death metal scene in Spain, Absorbed. I'm talking about “Engulfed”, song on which they had the collaboration of a special guest: Óscar Insua, founding member of Absorbed over two decades ago!