Farewell to AVALANCH. Official statement

One of the big bands in Spain, AVALANCH, recently announced they split up in an official statement, through their website. After their recent performance at Leyendas del Rock, the band is ready for their last two dates in Mexico together with Scorpions. Here you have the official statement:

"Wednesday, 29th August 2012
To all our fans and friends:

With the bittersweet taste of a cycle that ends. After all these years full of rewarding moments, unforgettable shows, albums that are part of the soundtrack of our lives, friends in many countries... we've realized we must stop this adventure that is Avalanch.

This decission is hard to make but it's sensible and full of coherence, after years of uninterrupted work in which we've achieved goals never imagined. We make it with the satisfacction of having created a legacy forged with the heart, shared with all those of you who have ever felt our songs at some point.

We don't know if this is full stop or a new paragraph, time will say. Being honest with our feelings, we can only transmit the intention of stopping our activity at this sweet moment of our career for an undefined period. We've always tried to be coherent with our way to understand art and, by extension, live itself.

Few days ago, we could feel the warmth of the Spanish audience at the festival Leyendas del Rock and we'll say farewell in Mexico sharing stage with Scorpions soon. We want to make the most of this statement to transmit the good relationship between all the members of Avalanch, mates and friends of a thousand and one adventures. Hundreds of concerts and thousands of kilometres behind us have consolidated our friendship and deep respect. We're aware of the suspicions this kind of decissions can create, but we'll feel satisfied if our fans trust this message of union we want to transmit and many of you have been able to realize, even in person, along these years. Our gratitude, once more. You'll always be in our hearts.

Alberto Rionda, Fran Fidalgo, Marco Álvarez, Chez García, Ramón Lage and Dany León".