RIOT OF VIOLENCE. 'Pink Mist' video presentation festival

RIOT OF VIOLENCE are proud to present a festival with local bands of great level to release the video for the song 'Pink Mist', from the album 'Waiting For Death'.

RIOT OF VIOLENCE is born in Barcelona, from the ashes of a band called Bloodschool, with the members Joan (vocals) and Charlie (guitar). Rubén (drums), also a member of both bands, leaves Riot in 2010 to focus in his work as the sound technician and manager of the band. 

In 2007 the band starts a gradual change in their style, turning to a heavier sound, but at the same time melodic death metal with a lower tuning, which is evident in the compositions of that time and the changes made in older tracks. They're part of the line-up for festivals like Noisefriends Festival or FarmerFest, and they shared stage with bands such as Cacahuet, Sickroom, o The Eyes, among others. In 2010, they recorded a self-produced demo with four tracks.

With Edu Grima, Crynight drummer, the band gets stronger and defines their own sound and style. Riot Of Violence completes its current formation:

Joan (vocals)
Charlie (guitar)
Oriol (guitar)
Abel (bass)
Edu (drums)

In 2011, Riot Of Violence's first album 'Waiting For Death' is recorded at 'La Fundició' by Rubén and José, and mastered at AX-Studio. The band embarks on the album's promotion with a lot of shows and their participation in festivals such as FarmerFest or Castelhell, sharing stages along the year with bands like Rotting Christ, Avulsed or Looking For An Answer.

By the end of the year, the band decides to take a break from shows and concentrate on writing new material to promote in 2012; however, they've spent the summer with a short national tour, with a good response to this new material from the Spanish audience.

They filmed their first video for the song 'Pink Mist', which will be their presentation for future projects while they record their second album. 

Info about the festival:

Riot Of Violence         Melodic Death Metal (Barcelona)
Unbounded Sadism     Extreme Metal (Barcelona)     
Fraktal                       Death Metal (Igualada)             
Days To Die                Death Metal (Barcelona)          
Massive War              Death Metal/Thrash (Viladecans)

Date: 15th September 2012
Place: Estraperlo Club del Ritme
         C/ Isidre Nonell, 9
         08911, Badalona, Barcelona
Hour: 20:00h
Price: 5€ (early) - 7 € (box office)