KOMA. Official statement. Brigi leaves!

"After almost 20 years driving KOMA's train, I want to comunicate I'm getting off at the next stop. I want to take some time until I get on another train in the future. I thank all of my partners and followers for all the things lived along all these years, and I hope we all enjoy the next shows. We'll meet again later!!! Cheers!!!" Brigi Duke.

On the other hand, Rafa, Natxo and Juan Carlos will edit a new work in spring 2013, after this tour with Koma is over. 

A new chapter starts for Koma, after almost two decades of work, being one of the few bands that has kept the same line-up for such long time. You can still enjoy the original line up until next 1st December in Pamplona (see tour dates here).