MALDIA: Confirmed for Castelo Son + tickets draw!

 close the line-up for the festival Castelo Son ( Among the 24 bands who took part, only 3 of them, by popular vote, got to the final of the contest “QueroStar en Castelo Son”, where specialized judges chose MaldiA last Saturday as the band that will open the festival Castelo Son next 23rd of August in Culleredo. 

To celebrate it, the band has started a draw to win two tickets so that you can go to Castelo Son and enjoy not only this band, but also SkarallaosPito de PikassoZënzar and Heredeiros da Crus. If you want to know how to get one of the two tickets to the festival, click this link:

Jesús Varela - guitar
Ángel Boquete - bass
Jose Antonio Salvador - drums                                                   
David Vellé - guitar
Neme López - vocals