BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL to be livestreamed!

The English festival BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR holds a new edition this weekend, from August 8th to 11th. The festival offers an impressive line-up that will be delivering some of the best metal your ears could wish -I'm talking about bands like King Diamond, Slayer, Anthrax, Lamb of God, Avantasia, Sabaton, Accept, Devil Driver, Exodus, Gojira, Municipal Waste, Firewind, 3 Inches of Blood, Scar Symmetry, Neonfly, Breed 77 or Belphegor, among others. 

Some lucky ones among you are attending the event, some of us won't... or will we? The festival made this announcement few hours ago:

"If you can't get along to BLOODSTOCK this weekend for whatever reason, don't fret, because you can catch many of the main stage band sets on the Daily Motion live stream!

The spot to watch from this Friday 8th through Sunday 11th from 11am is:

If you want to come along and share the weekend fun with your metal brethren, you can still pick up tickets at, but you'll need to collect your tickets at the festival gate, bringing your ticket confirmation email with you."

Now you know what to do! Lock yourself with some friends, air conditioning and some drinks and get ready for the fun! \m/