WINTERSUN + Wind Rose. Madrid, Caracol, 25/6/2013

It’s been long since the last time I wrote a concert review… and it’s a joy to go back to work just with *this one*!

Finnish band Wintersun’s visit to Spain was an occasion I didn’t want to miss, so I took road to the capital again, with a thirst for good live music and pure enjoyment.

It was the band’s first incursion to Spanish territory and one could feel that made of it a special date. It didn’t matter that it was a Tuesday, still with exams to do or having to work the next day: the queue was growing by moments, with metalheads coming from anywhere in the country. With a certain delay, due to a breakdown the tourbus had had on the way from Bilbao to Madrid (which made the band arrive only half an hour before the doors opened), the Sala Caracol opened and all the presents took positions in front of the stage.

To start the evening, the chosen ones were the progressive power metal Italian band Wind Rose. Along the 40 minutes of their show, they played songs from their first album, “Shadows Over Lothadruin”, such as “The Endless Prophecy”, “Majesty” or “Led By Light”. The singer’s attitude was very good, cheering the audience all the time, in contrast with the bassist, who looked as if the show hadn’t anything to do with him. He wasn’t actually a proper member of the band, but I don’t think being a substitute justifies such a passive attitude (gum chewing, an empty look in his eyes and sullen expression on his face wouldn’t do any good to the band…). The truth is they had the will and sounded well, but I think they didn’t receive great attention from the audience; not at least from the first rows, too concentrated and eager to see the headliners of the evening. 

The moment awaited by all was coming: Wintersun offering their show for the first time on a stage in Madrid… It took few minutes to change the stage and do some cheking. With a rather sober scenery, except the banner with the álbum cover, they came on stage with “When The Time Fades Away”, prelude to “Sons Of Winter And Stars”, making clear their intentions, and with the audience committed from the first note. Full of energy and filling the venue with wicked and hypnotic riffs and melodies they presented their repertoire for the evening. There were moments to not stop headbanging, like “Beautiful Death”, “Winter Madness” or “Time”, and some little break like “Death And The Healing”, its chorus sung by everyone. The show was an exhibition of the band members’ great talent, who didn’t seem to get tired, Jari’s voice was amazing –so warm when he sang clean and suddenly… Oh my God, those screams seemed to come from the depths of hell to freeze our blood!

Cons? Maybe the sound for “Beyond The Dark Sun” wasn’t as neat as for the rest of the songs; one hour and fifteen minutes went by too fast (I believe more than one of us would have liked a couple of more songs); and the fact of being a Tuesday… that was a horrible way back to earth as we left the venue, although there wasn’t much we could do about that.

To sum up, it was a short concert, but intense from the beginning to the end, with a good setlist, impeccable performance, the musicians were close, nice and thankful before their audience, who in some cases proved themselves devoted to the band. It was clear there is no need to bring huge paraphernalia of lights, pyro and such, to offer a good metal concert.

It felt a bit short, but the show left me full of energy for the rest of the week, or at least, enough to face the next day after little sleep with unknown vitality. However, I would have gladly gone to see them playing the next day in Barcelona… or Friday at Tuska Open Air… 
Wintersun, when are you coming back?

Wintersun's setlist:
1.When Time Fades Away
2. Sons of Winter and Stars
3. Land of Snow and Sorrow
4. Winter Madness
5. Death and the Healing
6. Beautiful Death
7. Time
8. Beyond the Dark Sun
9. Starchild