INTO THE FLOOD: Upcoming new debut album "Vices" + new streaming track

Seattle metal quintet INTO THE FLOOD have posted a new track, "Sacrificing The Worm" online here

The track is taken from their debut album, "Vices", out June 11th. The full tracklisting goes as follows:

1. Vices 
2. The Destroyer 
3. David Scheinost 
4. Sacrificing The Worm 
5. Mirrors 
6. Regret 
7. Disconnected
8. 21:4 
9. Sufferer 
10. Your Judgment is What Condemns You
11. Faitheater 
12. Eye For An Eye 
13. By Way of the Snake

The band recently released a lyric video for the track, "Your Judgment Is What Condemns You", which can be seen here: