CUERVO STORE: Draw + Tour of The Experimental Tropic Blues Band!

CUERVO STORE shop in Madrid (where you can find either vynils, books, clothes, live performances or even their own studio) has just seen off Imperial State Electric tour and has started the week by announcing the draw of a numbered serigraph by Mario Rivière. If you're interested, on their Facebook page they'll tell you how to participate!  

Besides, they suggest you a good plan for the week with the tour of The Experimental Tropic Blues Band. Tomorrow in Madrid, at Wurlitzer Ballroom they'll be with King Automatic, the best one-man-band in the world! Have a look at the rest of the dates below:

9.05.2013 Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid 
10.05.2013 Ateneo Beleza Melandra, Bermeo 
11.05.2013 Codigo De Barras, Almansa 
12.05.2013 Ibu Hots, Vitoria