MY DYNAMITE: European tour about to start!!

The kings of Australian "groove". Think of the legacy of British blues from The Faces, Humble Pie and the Stones, some drops of soul via Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin, shake well and add the fresh and fun component of rock n'roll from the Antipodes itself. Many have tried to get in the shoes of The Black Crowes, but MY DYNAMITE sound powerful, personal and full of energy. They're coming to Spain for the first time, and are touring some other places in Europe as well, to deliver those so-purely 'zeppelian' riffs that flood their album, all their fun and scenic charisma.

A mighty cocktail that will kick your ass and will make you retrieve those vintage trousers and rock t-shirts that have been in your wardrobe for long time. Classic rock dyed with soul and varnished with blues from Melbourne.

Check their tourdates!