DELAIN: Pre-listening for their upcoming special album "Interlude"!

Click on the link below and check-out the album preview of DELAIN’s latest offering "Interlude". It's a special album feat. new songs, covers, live tracks & free bonus DVD including live tracks from MFVF 2012, videos & specials. It is the perfect introduction to the world of Delain and the starting point to an emotional and bombastic journey!

DELAIN - "Interlude" - Pre-Listening

"Interlude" will be released in May, following the next schedule:

1st - Spain/Sweden/Norway
3rd - Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Finland/Benelux
6th - rest of Europe
7th - North America

"Interlude" tracklist goes as follows:

'Breathe On Me'
'Collars And Suits'
'Are You Done With Me' (new single mix)
'Such A Shame'
'Smalltown Boy'
'We Are The Others' (new ballad version)
'Mother Machine' (live)
'Get The Devil Out Of Me' (live)
'Milk And Honey' (live)
'Invidia' (live)
'Electricity' (live)
'Not Enough' (live)

'Invidia' (Video Live at MFVFestival)
'Electricity' (Video Live at MFVFestival)
'We Are The Others' (Video Live at MFVFestival)
'Milk and Honey' (Video Live at MFVFestival)
'Not Enough' (Video Live at MFVFestival)
Backstage footage (70.000 Tons of Metal & More!)
'Get The Devil Out Of Me' (Video)
'We Are The Others' (Video)
'April Rain' (Video)
'Frozen' (Video)