DARK MOOR: Reveal the album cover for 'Ars Musica'

Symphonic Power Metal masters DARK MOOR are glad to announce the release of their new album 'Ars Musica', following the success of their previous, critically acclaimed effort 'Ancestral Romance'

Dark Moor have taken another step forward in their career, forging a more identifiable sound and expanding their songwriting in multiple directions. They still pay homage to the Spanish cultural heritage in songs such as
'First Lance Of Spain', ‘Gara & Jonay' and ‘El Último Rey', but elsewhere they go more personal, still giving high priority to their trademark melodies and elaborate harmonies. Talented singer Alfred Romero offers his best performance to date, whilst orchestrations are less classical and more grandiose and epic. 'Ars Musica' was once again produced by Enrik Garcia and Luigi Stefanini and will hit the stores on June 18th, 2013. Quality music from our country...