TIERRA SANTA close their tour in Ecuador, Zaragoza y Valencia

TIERRA SANTA will close their presentation tour for 'Caminos de Fuego' where they're also presenting 'Medieval & Legendario' with two special shows. Their American fans will be able to enjoy a single show in the city of Quito (Ecuador) on the 13 October. Later, the band will offer their last performances in Spain on the 10 October in Zaragoza and the 27th October in Valencia. After these shows the band will start the production for their next album, which will be edited in 2013. You can buy your tickets here.

With almost 20 years in the business, 8 studio albums and countless tours all over the world, TIERRA SANTA remain as one of the most powerful and legendary bands in Spanish heavy metal. Their unique and unmistakable style makes them a reference to the past, present and future of rock and metal in Spain.

You can see all their info here.

The band is promoting their latest studio album, 'Caminos de Fuego', as well as 'Medieval & Legendario', two of their most classic albums, re-edited in a double CD with previously unreleased and remastered tracks. Both albums are edited by Maldito Records.