GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT: CD cover + details about the album

The Dutch death metal court, GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT, will release their first album, 'Bow Down Before The Blood Court' next 13th November and are proud to present its cover, created by Axel Hermann (Asphyx, Grave, Unleashed, etc.).

The main members of GSBC are Asphyx ex-guitarist, Eric Daniels, and the current bassist of that same formation, Alwin Zuur, guitarist in GSBC. Vocals in the album are by two legends, Martin van Drune, with Bob Bagchus (Asphyx) on the drums and Theo van Eekelen (Hail Of Bullets) as the bass player, so don't expect anything that is not old school death, inspired by Slaughter, Funeral Bitch or Necrovore. The album has been produced by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath).

The judges:

Grand Magistrate Bagchus - Firing squad commander and coffin drummings
Grand Judge Daniels - Axe wielding beheader guitar
Grand Prosecutor van Drunen - Verdicts, sentences and tormented howls
Grand Registrar Zuur - Blood runes and flesh-saw guitar
Grand Executioner van Eekelen - Torture instruments and slaying bass

The first song taken off  “Bow Down Before The Blood Court” can be listened to at  from the 24th September and on.