A TiRO to play at JAGERFEST's final

A TiRO have sneaked into Jagerfest contest's final and will compete against three more bands on the 14th September at Sala Soundkiss (Fuenlabrada, Madrid), to win the contest and the 1000€ prize.

The band from Madrid will try to repeat the success they got last year at Cebrerock festival-contest, where they were the winners.

Here you have the official statement they've posted on their facebook:

"People! We're proud to announce we'll be taking part this week, concretely on the 14th September, on Jagerfest's final, at Sala Soundkiss (C/ de Castillejos, Fuenlabrada).

We want to thank all of you who attented the gig, sang and danced every track along the night. Without you it would have been harder to get here, and get into the final phase of the contest. You're great! A THOUSAND THANKS IN THE NAME OF THE WHOLE BAND!

We want to remember and congratulate all those people who are there at Sala Soundkiss. Everytime we play with you, you make us feel like home. Keep rockin' mates!

Congratulations to the rest of the bands selected.

Cheers and Rock and Roll.

A TiRO".

Check the band out and download their album from their website: www.atiro.es