Akiesú XXL: end of season

Finally the day came: 30th June 2012, Akiesú Qué Escándalo first end-of-season marathon. Eight hours live, nothing less! We knew the aim was high, but illusion and will made us thought we would achieve it. Working commitments made things a bit difficult for everyone, but each one of us did our best to rise to the occasion.

The morning was hectic, rushing everywhere, making sure about the technic aspects, preparing music, surprises... but the best was that we were doing it all together for the first time: the whole staff of the program gathered for the event, with great eagerness to have a great time together and with all those who wanted to join the party.

We also have some mates you may not know... but sometimes they drop by the radio station, they sit with us at the microphones, they mingle among the technicians, take and bring stuff... They are the green leprechauns. Maybe you don't see them in the pictures, but they joined for the special program too... and left their mark!

The ones who didn't want to miss a thing were the friends of the program who came over to the venue since quite early. Or was it the delicious paella acting as a lure? In any case, there weren't few friends who dropped by along the afternoon and the evening to share a while of fun, music, a chat... Some of them didn't leave in the whole day!

For the first part of this end-of-season marathon we wanted to do a normal program, well... one of ours, so that those of  you who don't know yet what Akiesú is about could have an idea. The usual sections (¡Qué Arte Tiene Mi Niño!, La Rockera Que Vino Del Frío, Mala Música Para Mala Gente and Peluquería y Maquillaje), great tunes, news and, of course, a generous dose of jokes and a sense of humour, that would last until midnight.

Regarding live music, we should highlight the performance of a couple of members of the program, Miguel Ángel Arjona and Gloria Vázquez, playing the song 'Another Day' (Dream Theater), whose vocals were performed by Ronnie Romero (José Rubio's Nova Era, Rising); the talent of young Pedro Encabo at guitars, and a luxury: Panchi and Javi, singer and guitarist of the Sevillan band Stingers, tribute to Scorpions -and invited by the original band to play in Germany-, visited us too. Asides of giving us an interview, they played four acoustic songs for our delight. By the end of the evening, Miguel Ángel Arjona surprised us with his second appearance on stage, with Metallica's Battery and later... in black tights and a Gibson ready to round off the night with Whitesnake's Still Of The Night.

And since the music lover cannot live by played music alone, we also had a discussion with some colleagues from other media (Suena K Truena, Golpes de Rock, Sube Un Escalón, Aldea Rock, Trovador Urbano y La Hora De Alvarzeus) about the rock scene in the province and the country, talking about issues like venues, internet, downloads, audience...; and a music trivia quiz with questions about national and international bands, instruments, films... and about Akiesú! Some willing ones didn't hesitate to test themselves and participate, in exchange of the juicy prizes that were awaiting them: posters, cds, T-shirts, etc. Also, we wanted that people who couldn't come to spend the day with us could participate as well, so we had some songs dedicated by the ones listening to the program at home, and some draws with packs of merchandising.

Among music, jokes, friends and some unforeseen events the eight hours passed (or actually, seven and a half, due to the leprechauns messing up once more) and we reached the end. We hope that both, people present at the venue and people listening from home, had fun, because we, despite the tiredness accumulated  by the stress and rush along the day, enjoyed a lot.

It only remains for us to thank again all and each one of the people who made possible this end-of-season marathon: technicians, audience at the venue and at home, guest musicians, media colleagues, sponsors, bands who collaborated with merchandising for the draws, catering... And, to you who are reading this: we count on you for the next season!

Pedro Encabo in a moment of his second performance.

Stingers during their performance at the marathon. The first row stood up for a dance and joined in the chorus.

Some people from the audience with their prices. Gifts were courtesy of Century Media, CordobaRock, Sube Un Escalón, Teleplásticos, Enuma Elish, Santelmo and Awa Seka.