8 Hour live radio marathon AKIESÚ QUÉ ESCÁNDALO!! Saturday 30th June!!

It's the end of the fourth season of Akiesú Qué Escándalo... Yes, it's a pity, but don't worry -you'll be satisfied!!

We'll be partying heavily for the end of the season: with a 8 hour live radio marathon!!

The event is taking place next Saturday, 30th June, at the Edificio de la Juventud in Rute, and it will start at 16:00 and go on till midnight!! (GMT +1). There will be a live stream from this blog, and we will connect with Radio Rute from 19:00 until 21:00 (GMT +1).

Our intention is to make it as much fun as possible, so we will have contests, draws, a rock/metal trivia, metal karaoke, a debate about music scene with mates from other media and musicians and live performances with Miguel Ángel Arjona (Akiesú Qué Escándalo) and Pedro Encabo (Lawliet). As a surprise, we will have Stingers (tribute band to Scorpions -the original band invited them to play at their own museum in Germany!) playing acoustic and giving a short interview.

For our contests and draws we'll have stuff from Century Media, Sube Un Escalón, Enuma Elish, Awa Seka and Cordobarock.es!!!

Of course, all that together with the whole Akiesú Qué Escándalo staff (together for the first time in the history of the program!!!), up for all sort of verbal and audible mischief. -Don't miss it!!