VATTNET VISKAR: Release the video for "Breath of the Almighty" + tracklist of "Sky Swallower"

The band from New Hampshire VATTNET VISKAR are releasing tomorrow 'Sky Swallower', an album that has caused a not frequent expectation among media and fans. The translation of the band's name is "Water Whisphers", without a doubt a brave band that looks towards the future of black metal. 

Today the band release worldwide the video for the track "Breath of the Almighty", which has been directed and produced by Josh Graham from Suspended in Light, visual creator of Nerosis for ages. Watch de video below:

The tracklist goes as follows:  
1. New Alchemy  
2. Fog of Apathy 
3. Monarch 
4. Breath of the Almighty
5. Ascend
6. Mythos
7. As I Stared Into The Sky
8. Apex 

International press about 'Sky Swallower':

"Violently contorting across an unpredictable spectrum of aggression and melancholia, the Americans’ almost classical knack for combining contrasting elements has already earned them praise ahead of this, their debut full-length”.
Terrorizer (UK), 7 out of 10 points

“We’ve been waiting for this album. A high-profile debut album that will be loved by everyone’s who’s into the darkest post-metal genre”.
Rock Hard (IT), DYNAMIT!, 8 out of 10 points

“An incredible journey through violence, hate, sadness and Power”.
Metallian (FR)

“Vattnet Viskar has created an excellent black metal album that could appeal to a diverse audience within the genre”.
Lords Of Metal (online / NL), 80 out of 100 points

”An instruction CD for bands who want to know how to make blastbeats feel full of energy in 2013”.
Close-Up (SWE)