DAVID BOWIE: "The Next Day" video, censored

Chameleon-like, talented DAVID BOWIE put an end to a silence that has lasted a decade, and he did so with the release of his last album, "The Next Day", last March. As can be read on his website, Como en su propia página web se puede leer, "David is the kind of artist who writes and performs what he wants when he wants ... when he has something to say as opposed to something to sell. Today he definitely has something to say".

Among the 14 tracks and 3 bonus tracks  it contains, "Where Are We Now?" and "The Stars (Are Out Tonight) were chosen as singles. However, it has been "The Next Day", or actually I should say the video for this song, released yesterday, that has been censored. Follow David Bowie, Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard going into a hole where clergy surrenders to that they criticise:

The multi-talented artist stated for The Times he hasn't got intentions to go on tour, since what he wants to do is making albums.