CHRIST DENIED: New album, album cover and dates

CHRIST DENIED, the legendary brutal-christophobic-death metal Spanish band, have been working hard on their long-awaited second album, after their debut "...Got What He Deserved" (1996) and several shared CD's, as well as the CD with some recordings from 2004, "Drink... Drink the Blood!" This work has resulted in 8 new tracks and an Imprecation cover to be featured in their new album, which will be titled "Cancer Eradication", and continues from where the band stopped, combining all the elements of their different recordings and that surely won't disappoint their fans.

The recording is almost done and the album is expected to be edited along the first days of June, just before the first shows in the band's history. Yes, Christ Denied will play live, something really unexpected until Roger Infected joined the band to replace David Nigger. Until now, the band has been confirmed for three festivals this year:

June 29th - Move Your Fucking Brain Fest (Barcelona/Molins de Rei)
(with Enthroned, Severance, Benighted, Baalphegor....)
July 6th - Obscene Extreme Fest (Trutnov/Rep. Checa)
(with Napalm Death, Cryptopsy, Grave, Exhumed...)
October12th - Ritual Zombi Fest. (Madrid)
(with Avulsed, Purtenance, Dissect & Onirophagus)

So far there aren't any more shows scheduled and the band wants it to remain like this, offering but very few shows in special occasions. So don't miss the chance to experience Christ Denied's pure blast on stage!!

The artwork for "Cancer Eradication" has been made by the Greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas, who rarely works in extreme metal, but who has perfectly caught the essentce of the old paintings, giving it an absolutely sinister, macabre atmosphere.

As soon as the recording, mixing and mastering of the album is finished, the band will post a track on their official Facebook page, so stay tuned!