OMNIUM GATHERUM: New album "Beyond" available in Europe, Korea, and for streaming!

"Beyond", the new album of OMNIUM GATHERUM, is now available in Europe via Lifeforce Records and in Korea via Dope Entertainment Music. Korean deluxe editions of "Beyond" and "New World Shadows" include some cool bonus stuff and songs.  North American release via Lifeforce Records will follow in March 5th. 

"Beyond"  is also available for streaming at the website of Levykauppa Ax. Artwork by Olli Lappalainen. 

"Beyond" tracklist:

'New Dynamic'
'In The Rim'
'The Sonic Sign'
'Who Could Say'
'The Unknowing'
'Living In Me'
'White Palace'

The official video of "The Unknowing" can be seen below: