GLORYHAMMER: Upcoming album, "Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife"

From 'True Scottish Pirate Metal', Christopher Bowes, the mastermind behind Alestorm, jumps into 'Heroic Fantasy Power Metal'! His new band's name is GLORYHAMMER they describe it like this: 

"Scotland - A highland realm of mystery, wonder, and epic battles from an ancient time, shrouded by magical mists. A time of dragons and wizards, and enchanted weapons. These are the legends of the Kingdom of Fife, when the great hero Angus McFife waged an epic war against the evil wizard Zargothrax, to free the people of Dundee in the name of glory and steel. These are the legends of GLORYHAMMER!

The 'Heroic Fantasy Power Metal' band GLORYHAMMER is the new project formed by Christopher Bowes, the mastermind behind pirate-metal sensation ALESTORM, with a desire to explore the more symphonic and epic side of metal. The band's debut concept album 'TALES FROM THE KINGDOM OF FIFE' will be released in March 2013, telling a story based in an alternate-history medieval Scotland, where magic and dark sorcery reigns supreme. Gloryhammer is a band like no other... PREPARE FOR EPIC BATTLES!"

Gloryhammer's debut album 'Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife' will be out on March 29th 2013 through Napalm Records. The tracklist goes as follows:

 1 Anstruther's Dark Prophecy
 2 The Unicorn Invasion Of Dundee
 3 Angus McFife
 4 Quest For The Hammer Of Glory
 5 Magic Dragon
 6 Silent Tears Of Frozen Princess
 7 Amulet Of Justice
 8 Hail To Crail
 9 Beneath Cowdenbeath
10 The Epic Rage Of Furious Thunder

+ bonus track Wizards on special edition

Besides, the band have also announced Dragon Productions as their new booking agent and hope to start playing live soon. PREPARE FOR EPIC BATTLES!

Get to know the characters in the story, a.k.a. Gloryhammer's line-up:

Angus McFife, Crown Prince of Dundee, Heir to the Kingdom of Fife (Thomas Winkler - Vocals)
Ralathor, The Mysterious Hermit of Cowdenbeath (Ben Turk - Drums)
Zargothrax - Dark Sorcerer of Auchtermuchty (Christopher Bowes - Keyboards)
Ser Proletius, Grand Master of the Templar Knights of Crail (Paul Templing - Guitars)
Hootsman, Barbarian Warrior of Unst (James Cartwright - Bass)

Get a glimpse of what this can be like...

Update: Just few hours ago, the band added the release dates for "Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife" via Facebook:

29.03.2013 G/A/S & Benelux
27.03.2013 ESP/FIN/SWE/NOR
01.04.2013 Rest of Europe
09.04.2013 USA/CAN