DEEP PURPLE: Release of their upcoming "Now What?!"!

The first single off “Now What?!” will be released next 29th of March in a 7'' format limited to 1000 copies, and in CD single as well, both in physical and digital format. 

7″ vinyl (limited to 1.000 numbered copies)

Side A: “Hell To Pay” (radio edit)
Side B: “All The Time In The World” (radio mix – edit)

CD Single (also for digital download)

1) “All The Time In The world” (radio mix – edit)
2) “Hell To Pay” (radio edit)
3) “Perfect Strangers” (bonus Track Live)
4) “Rapture Of The Deep” (bonus track live)

New DEEP PURPLE's album has been produced by Bob Ezrin, one of the all-time most important rock producers (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Kiss and many more), will contain 11 new tracks that had been recorded without any musical rules, but which show a more modern and fresher production, to the point that Deep Purple had never sounded as close to the '70 spirit like they do now, but with a tremendously avant-garde perspective. This album will come out with a DVD bonus that will feature inedit images of the band with a inedit studio version. Another lure of the release is the double vinyl format.

Now What?! will be the name of the world tour that will activate again the band's live activity. All info about the album can be checked on, where videos, lyrics, pics and more will be uploaded daily.