TALIESYN: Official statement (new line-up + upcoming shows)

"We feel obliged to communicate that TALIESYN will from now on keep walking as a quartet. Our cousin Alberto Vargas, the youngest member of the band, leaves  the formation after nine years of work and shared illusions (he was 13 when we started this adventure), right at the sweetest moment the band is enjoying from its creation. 

The incompatibility between his studies and the work and commitment with Taliesyn has forced him to make this decision for his chagrin -and ours, of course. 

It's been nine years of lots of sharing, many good and bad moments, but more than anything, we've shared the growth, both personal and as musicians, from teenage years till the men we are now.

Taliesyn goes on with its project, with a noticeable absence, but that will not stop its urge to make music. Nothing has happened between us to put distance between us or delete everything we've shared so far, and everything still left to share apart from the band; since we're still a family and specially friends. It's going to be strange to go on stage without him the first times, but we have to go on...


Besides, here you have the upcoming dates to see Taliesyn live:

13 de Octubre - Almendralejo (Badajoz)
10 de Noviembre - Mairena del Aljarafe (Sevilla)
24 de Noviembre - Pub El Refugio, San Fernando (Cádiz)