MOTHERSLOTH, first band confirmed for the presentation concert of MADRID STONER FESTIVAL 2013

Next 13th October, Saturday, at Barracudas Rock Bar in Madrid, the local quartet MOTHERSLOTH, who are already known for their many performances in the region, will confirm the reason why they've got some room in the underground scene with their blastering performances. They've been the first band chosen for the presentation concert for Madrid Stoner Festival 2013, which will take place at Sala Barracudas.

Mothersloth is a quartet from Madrid formed by Óscar Muñoz (drums), Álvaro García (guitar), Diego S. (bass) and Fernando (vocals). From the sound of the band you can appreciate different influences, let's say they give to each song the sound 'it asks for'. Hence, there are tracks inspired by heavy-rock from the 70s, more modern sounds, open chords mixed with powerful, thick and dark riffs, loaded with psychedelia. Mothersloth prefer it's you who labels them, they drink from very different sources to give the most appropriate sound to their compositions.

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