VISION DIVINE: new album + headliners at GINETA ROCK 2012

'Destination Set To Nowhere' by the Italian band VISION DIVINE starts with references to the socio-politic problems a normal citizen has to face in his daily life. A man travels through outter space, after leaving all his equals in Earth. They'll have to find a new home, a new planet to make things work better and live their vision of peace. After a long search, they find an idyllic place, but gradually, they go back to unhealthy routines. The new paradise has just become what they left behind. The only solution is to send another man alone, to search for another place, destination nowhere. The album will be released worldwide on 14th September, with very innovative production and artistic concept.

Also, Vision Divine will be headlining Gineta Rock Festival next 29th September in Albacete.