ELVENKING: info about upcoming album 'Era'

Here we have all the info related to the upcoming ELVENKING's new album, 'Era'. It will be released in Europe on the 14th September and the band feels so enthusiastic about it that promises we'll love it. 

The tracklist goes as follows:

01. The Loser
02. I Am The Monster
03. Midnight Skies, Winter Sighs
04. A Song For The People
05. We, Animals
06. Through Wolf's Eyes
07. Walking Dead
08. Forget-Me-Not
09. Poor Little Baroness
10. The Time Of Your Life
11. Chronicle Of A Frozen Era
12. Ophale

The album was recorded and mixed at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki with producer Nino Laurenne (Amorphis, Lordi, Hevisaurus, etc.) and it has the next juicy features:
- Guest appearance by Jon Oliva (Savatage, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Jon Oliva's Pain)
- A guitar solo by Teemu Mantysaari (Wintersun)
- Pipes, flutes and other typical folk instruments played by Maurizio Cardullo (Folkstone)
- New drummer and bass player in the band.
- Diversity among the songs: from high speed folk metal to melodic ballads, melancholic mid-tempos or acoustic folk.

More details about a limited edition of the album, a videoclip and the internet single will be announced soon...