Interview with FATAL SMILE

Stockholm, 2002. Fatal Smile start their musical career as a hard rock band. Since then, several studio albums, tours and concerts that have reached even Japan, changes in the line up... Fatal Smile came to Spain for the third time, promoting their last album, "World Domination". Yxan (guitarist and founder of the band) sits for a while to answer some questions...

Q: Something has changed since your last visit... There's a new boy in the band!
A: Yeah, new boy, Philty.

Q: Where did you find him?
A: Well, we decided to go on without Zteff, so we put an ad on the website, that we were looking for a new drummer and we had like... don't know, about 150-170 people attending to the ad. From Austria, United States, Japan... It was worldwide, so it was really cool, which was great, but if you want to work it has to be in Sweden.

 Q: And among so many people, what made you pick him?
A: Because he was simply the best. He was the missing link in Fatal Smile, the missing drummer. He's really awesome, he's been in the band for a month and he's really great.

Q: The band's original line up changed completely (except you, of course) three years ago. I guess it was like a brand new beginning...
A: When I founded the band I had a wish about what to do, and on the road, the trips... If people don't want the same things you have to make a change, so doing it was something natural. It's been for the better, of course, otherwise I would be stupid.

Q: And would you say that change was also reflected on the sound of the band?
A: Yes, absolutely. For "World Domination" album I had already written all the music and the guys came in afterwards. Then Alx y Blade wrote the lyrics and the melodies for the songs. But for the next album we've been writing the songs together, so it's a different thing.

Q: You produced "World Domination" yourself. Was it because you didn't find the producer you wanted or because you thought you were the one who would do it best?
A: I've co-produced the last two albums. I realized I don't need to put in anyone else. Yes... I thought I was the guy to do it.

Q: What does Fatal Smile have that makes you different from other hard rock bands?
A: We have Philty (laughs) We all have the same wish and it's getting to the top. This is what I want to do and nothing else. We have the same objective and we've worked very have to make it.

Q: This is your second time in Spain with this album. It's obvious that you've written new material -in the show today we've listened to "For The Last In Line", tribute song to Dio. Do you have any other new song for the next album?
A: Yes, for the next album we're working on the new songs. It will be written between December and January and will be released next year in the spring time. Then we'll come back again to Spain with new songs.

Q: And hopefully there'll be more people!
A: Yes, hopefully!

Q: It's kind of strange because there weren't many people in the venue, which is a small one in Madrid, not many Spanish fans on your social networks, but still you have several dates in our country. 
A: Yes, six totally.

Q: Do you have any special relationship with Spain? ...Or is it just because of the weather? (laughs)
A: Heeey, we love Spanish women, and the "calamares", those are two of the reasons! (laughs) No, I mean, surely there weren't many people, but the ones that were here, they were really into it, we really appreciated to play. Hopefully for the next album it's gonna be better.

Q: Your previous visit to Spain was as Lordi's supporting band. Do you think touring supporting other bands (and some so different from you!) opens doors to you?
A: Yes, absolutely. We were with Lordi last year and before that we were in Spain with Winger, actually at the same venue, like four years ago. Yes, I think it's a good thing to do because we're an unknown band in Spain, that's the way to do it.

Q: Which other ways do you have to promote the band and make people in Spain and the rest of the world get interested in you?
A: Music business is fucked up, world economy is fucked up, nobody buys albums these days so you have to get out on tour, it's the only way to do it, since the big labels, they don't do anything to sell albums.
So, if you have a record deal, it doesn't matter nowadays. You have to get out, promote yourself, play... It's the only way to do it. It's a long way, but we like to do it and what we're going to do.

Q: People also like to see the bands are enjoying while playing on stage...
A: Yes, absolutely. You have to be true to yourself. If you go out and look fucking boring and don't like what you do, people are gonna see it in two seconds.

Q: What is the hardest part of being part of Fatal Smile? Looking always perfect, make sure your make up doesn't run, dealing with hangover the next day...? (laughs)
A: You have good questions there! Yes, being always perfect is very hard (more laughs). It's what you make of it, so it's nothing hard, this is what we want to do.  But of course, hangover is a big, huge problem, you know. But still, when you go on a stage, you have to make it 100%, otherwise, you're not there for the fans and the people that show up...

Q: So, when you're writing songs, do you write them for yourselves or for the fans?
A: We write them for ourselves, it's the most important part. If you don't like what you're doing, it's going to show up, so it's better to do it your way or no way.

Q: So, if maybe for the next album you feel like doing something like industrial with hip-hop or rock'n'roll with gregorian, you're not going to think about what people will say and go ahead anyway...
A: Yes, we're going to do it. We're going to bring some rappers and... You never know!!! (laughs). No, we don't want that. Still, it's only about rock'n'roll, it's what Fatal Smile has been into and what it's going to be also.

Q: Finally, "World Domination" is the title of your album. What would you do if you could rule the world?
A: It's a hard question... I'd "fatalize" the world!! Don't know... I'll have to come back with that answer.

Q: That was all, thank you for your time.